Walk, Pause and Write

May 18, 2019

Hi everyone!
Walk n Write

Both are favourite activities of mine. So, I am doing this as much for myself as for you!

When: 18 May (Sat)
Time: 4 to 6 (some of us may want to stay on for more

Let’s do this…let’s saturate our senses, let’s surprise ourselves…let’s make discoveries about ourselves, our friends…places and spaces!!!

This will be a poetry-themed walking trail in Chinatown. We will explore the area through the eyes of local poets: Arthur Yap, Lee Tzu Pheng and Terence Heng!

  • Our trail starts at the Chinatown MRT Station and ends at Wework Co-op. (Writing Marathon – 2 hrs – walking time 30 to 45 min)
  • The trail is rich! We will walk along the five-foot way lined with pre-war houses, an old Chinese and Hindu temple and re-invented spaces: hotels, cafes, bars and creative businesses. You will see a transformative process at work. Though the shell is old, the interior is modern and designed to meet lifestyles today.
  • We will make 3 pre-selected stops on the trail to read and write poetry.
  • You will have opportunities to saturate your senses in areas of your choice and the space to write in meditative silence.
  • We will end the session with coffee and cake, and the sharing of our writing, in aircon comfort, at Wework

Please let me know if 18 May works for you…looking forward to writing with you…

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